Realizing Your Potential at G&W

Stepping outside your comfort zone, extending your horizons and taking risks fosters learning & growth, which is how you realize your potential. Only when you have an organization filled with people who are growing, can an organization also grow and be successful – and realize its potential. We believe in our people and are committed to their growth. We believe that nothing is impossible & that change is important for learning! Join us on our journey of realizing our potential -- together!


Since 1919, G&W Laboratories has developed, manufactured, and marketed pharmaceuticals designed to alleviate human suffering. We serve our customers by providing quality pharmaceuticals, valuable services, and timely information.



Carl Greenblatt founded G&W Laboratories, Inc. in 1919 upon his return from military service as a pharmacist with US forces in World War 1. While establishing a reputation as an innovative specialist in suppository dosage forms...


Vision Statement

We are and should always be a company of people dedicated to producing quality products, efficiently and on time, that will earn reasonable profits and will satisfy our customers' needs in every market in which we participate.